We help to make owning your own piece of the world affordable. We offer two different financing options for every property that we sell.


To own the property today, you can pay cash today at a discounted price to get the deed today. This by far is the quickest and cheapest way to purchase land. A sales contract will be sent to you and once funds are deposited, the deed will be filed with the county and transfer of ownership will recorded with the county once the Deed is received.

Financing Through Ancestry Lands

We understand that everyone does not have perfect credit, so we are happy to offer owner financing for those who want another option and may not have the capitol upfront. We do not check credit, but rather, we retain ownership of the property until your loan with us is paid off. Each property has a terms price that is different from the cash discount that we offer.

Important Details:

  • Down Payment – This varies by property, but we generally need to be 10-30% of the property price. We do not finance properties with $0 down.
  • Documentation Fee – We charge $100-$250 to create and administer the contract for the loan. This amount is added to your down payment at the beginning of the loan.
  • Term Length and Payment Amount – We can do term lengths from 2 to 10 years. Payment amounts will vary based on the length of the term. For us to offer owner financing, we generally need payments to be $150 a month or more. We are happy to run numbers to find the right term length and payment amount for you.
  • Servicing – Loans can be serviced through automatic withdrawals from a checking or savings account. We do accept checks, money orders, Cash app, Zelle, Walmart to Walmart, etc. If you can make the payment, we will work with you.
  • Property Taxes – The buyer is responsible for the property taxes. We collect the taxes through our servicing partner. Depending on the property, we will either add 1/12 of the taxes to each payment or invoice your account when taxes are due.

PLEASE NOTE: We retain title to the property with owner financing. Defaulting on payments gives us the legal right to repossess the property according to the laws of the property state. If this happens, you will lose all of the equity in the land. Refunds are not offered. Please be sure that you are able to afford the payments that you commit to.