About Ancestry Lands

Who We Are

Ancestry Lands is a small “mom and pop”, family owned business founded and owned by the husband and wife team of Phillip and Michelle Davis. We search America for the best raw, residential land we can find to suit our clients’ needs, be it for investment, a new home or that special place to get away from the rest of the world for a while.

Our mission was to give everyone an opportunity to own land. Land ownership should not be reserved for just the “Wealthy.” We offer our customers land below market value either by a discounted cash price or low down payment financing plan with monthly payments less than a car payment. We also don’t do credit checks. While credit is a great way to ensure a good buyer, we believe this excludes people based off economic discrimination. We believe that making land affordable provides inclusivity, allowing any person no matter who they are the opportunity to own affordable land.

We genuinely enjoy working with both sellers and buyers of land. We love hearing their stories and helping them achieve their goals. Being honest, transparent and flexible have allowed us to steadily grow our business and sleep well at night, (or as well as we can with 2 small children)!

We really look forward to speaking with you about your land investing needs.