Phillip H. Davis Jr.

Phillip H. Davis Jr. Is the owner and founder of Ancestry lands LLC, a real estate company primarily focused on buying in Selling vacant land. Phillip has been a registered nurse for close to 20 years working in various specialties in many hospitals throughout the US. He graduated from Wagner college located in Staten Island, New York with a Bachelors degree in Science.

He began his nursing career in home care taking care of pediatric patients. He transitioned To Arizona working at Phoenix Children’s Hospital then move to Northern California to specialize in adult Med-Surg/Telemetry patients. This eventually led him to take an interest in land investing, understanding the benefits of owning land as an entry way into the real estate market. He quickly began to accumulate land ownership and profits through selling vacant land. Being self-funded since starting his real estate ventures, he concentrated on keeping his overhead low and increasing his profits while investing in vacant land.

Investing in land was a way for him to make a few extra paychecks a month to support his family. Two years later he now works as a nurse four days per month and is a full-time land investor. His goal in life is to offer Land Ownership to people who never thought it possible. He offers the benefit of Land Ownership without “The Banks.” Best of all, his Land prices will never break your Bank!!