Welcome To Ancestry Lands, LLC

This is Ancestry Land. Throughout history humankind has desired land for many reasons. In ancient times land was of great value to every person. Humans have sought land to farm, hunt, and build home(s) for their families. As time went on, people explored this once big world for new lands and a new world to seek prosperity, fame and fortune. Some have found treasures such as gold in the Gold rush era or a fresh start to express their freedoms. Land ownership was an asset passed down generation to generation. Families passing down their lands was an inherit right to people to help families keep wealth “In the family.” Land was also used to provide for the community, providing resources to help others thrive. Land was understood as something to acquire and protect.

This is the story of our ancestors, the people who came before us. From all walks of life, from every corner of the earth. They are the reason why we are here today. Look back and you may find that your ancestors wanted land to own to call their own to pass down to you. Their dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow lie in every new generation, regardless if you knew who they were. Now with the help of technology, we’re able to find the records of our past origins to find out who we really are. At Ancestry Lands, we believe our ancestors envisioned us having the freedoms they could only dream of. One of those freedoms is to own land.

Today we have been deceived into having our minds stuck on things like houses, apartments, commercial property and the like- because everyone else does it. In many cases homes can be over 50 years old. Someone else owned the land and built a home to sell to make money. The home has history but that’s just it… It’s not your history. In society today, the banks really own the home you live in until you pay it off. How many people do you know that own their home outright? Often these homes need renovations and updates that can be costly. Yikes!! In many cases people don’t understand they do not own the land itself. It gives us a false sense of security. I have seen many stories during economic downturns of people losing their homes, but have you ever heard someone say they lost their land? Think of how powerful that sounds. I lost my home but I still have my land. A home can be destroyed by natural disasters such as fire, floods, and winds. But in the end the land is still there. This is why our ancestors valued Land above all else. This is the story of Ancestry Land.